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Piano Instruction

Learn to play piano with ease.  Together, we will make a plan tailored to your individual desires and goals.


Piano Adventures

As a popular series among many piano instructors, the Piano Adventure series is filled with a variety of styles that students love to practice!  This methods foundation is based on analysis, creativity and expression.  These are my go-to books with the majority of my beginning students.

Piano Pronto

Piano Pronto is a favorite among students in my studio, though I only use it for the older beginner, many transfer students and my youngest students.  This series starts by immediately teaching music on the staff.  The main method books are full of new and familiar melodies.

Bastien Piano Literature

Many students eventually begin supplementing with music from the Bastien Piano Literature books.  There are 6 volumes filled with standard repertoire from the main time periods of music.  Students that supplement with this book are learning Bach, Beethoven, Mozart, Chopin and so many more.


Technique - exercises - theory

The majority of my students are assigned technical exercises such as Hanon or Czerny to develop finger strength and independence.  Students will, over time, learn all major and minor scales in multiple octaves, arpeggios and chord progressions applicable to their level of playing.   Theory is taught in group classes or in their private lesson and sometimes written work will be assigned to complete at home.

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